Welcome to the Kingdom of Heaven

Beethoven's Greatest Trial

The great composer Ludwig Van Beethoven lived much of his life in fear of deafness. He felt that the sense of hearing was essential to creating music of lasting value. When beethoven discovered that the thing he feared most was coming rapidly upon him he was frantic with anxiety. He consulted doctors and tried every possible remedy. But his deafness increased until at last all hearing was gone. To every ones amazement, he wrote some of his grandest music after he became totally deaf. With all distractions shutout, melodies flooded in on him as fast as his pen would write them down. His deafness became a great asset. God uses life's reverses to move us forward in Him. Dear ones, have you experienced a great loss. Are you cast down by heavy thoughts. Call on the Lord and put your trust in Him. Jesus Christ will take care of you.

Wake up and repent. The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.