Welcome to the Kingdom of Heaven

Welcome Booklet

This booklet provides documentation that the Kingdom of Heaven is the government of God and is operating in the earth today. It contains a brief history of the Kingdom, the nature and character of its citizens, and how they are different from the nations of the world.

You may have just had an encounter with someone who is a citizen of Heaven, or are interested in becoming one yourself.

Citizens of Heaven are not as unusual as you may think. There are people everywhere who have chosen to live a conservative, humble lifestyle outside the realm of modern society.

The one thing that sets them apart is their uncompromising commitment to the authority of Jesus Christ. Everything they do is done in the name of the Lord Jesus. Many consider state residency or citizenship in any worldly country to be impossible since they have already given their allegiance to Christ.

They choose to hold themselves to high moral standards, taking the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Sermon on the Mount as their standard of behavior. For this reason they avoid taking oaths or seeking revenge. Not only do they love their neighbor, but they also love their enemy.


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