Welcome to the Kingdom of Heaven

Key to Having a Happy Home

He Who Serves Rules

Husbands, would you like to know the secret of having a happy, tranquil home where your wife and children look up to you? If you want to have the rule over your wife and children, here is the solution Christ brought us - learn to serve.


It is sad to see so many husbands treating their wives as though they were property. Their attitude seems to be, "Wives are to obey and serve their husbands." These men must be spending too much time living in the spirit of the Old Testament. Jesus Christ gave us a new Spirit and when His Way is practiced, wives and children rejoice.

Husbands, if you want to have the rule over your wives, here is the solution Christ brought us - learn to serve. It is a paradox, but true, he who serves shall rule.

To put this concept into practice, begin treating your wife and children as you would like to be treated. Think of your wife and children as your own body. If you stub your toe, you feel pain through your whole body. The rest of your body cannot function properly until the toe receives help. It is the same with your own family. When one member is hurting, the whole family is weak and cannot function properly.

Open your eyes to the ways you can help your mate and children. Help them in a friendly way - in a way you would like to be helped. Leave off the nagging and threats. You want to set an example for the way they will treat each other.

Forget self and look around your home. Is someone troubled or unhappy? Is your wife overburdened by meeting the needs of the children? Can you bear her burden? Could you help dress or feed or play with the children? Could you help do something to get dinner on the table? Don't think you will lose your manhood by doing these menial tasks. Remember, Christ washed his disciples feet, a job reserved for the lowest of servants. He ruled by serving and even today thousands freely serve Him. Imagine for a moment what will happen as you begin making changes in your home. As you lovingly serve the needs of the family members, your home will be transformed into a happy retreat from the world.

When you are frustrated and discouraged, your wife will now have time to joyfully comfort and reassure you. She used to be too busy with the children to have time for your concerns. Why has she changed? She learned a new way from you - by your example.

You started lifting her whenever she stumbled and now she has learned to do the same for you. Look over at your two daughters. The elder is eagerly helping the younger learn to read. She's imitating Dad who helped her read.

Each day set aside at least 30 minutes for you and your wife to talk together. When you first start out, you may just stare at each other, but gradually you will begin truly communicating each other's concerns and needs. My wife and I like to take a walk each day which gives us an opportunity to say what's on our mind, away from the ears of the children. This helps little things get resolved before they grow and fester.

Becoming aware of your mate's problems and frustrations is the first step in seeking solutions. Let your attitude always be, "Here, let me help you." Think beyond your own physical body. As far as you are concerned, your family is your body.

Take time to be objective about the needs of family members. Don't belittle their concerns or assume you understand. Treat them with kindness and patience. Abandon self and seek to serve their needs. You will soon find Christ's teachings coming true: if you wish to lead, learn to serve. Matthew 20:25-28

Wake up and repent. The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.